National Folk Festival, Canberra 2010


HOT String Band-its terrorised the scene at the National Folk Festival.
Never had the festival experienced anyone like us!

This couple on stage in the “Marquee” were delighted to delay their own performance so they could play with us!


We had our own concert spot in the Flute and Fiddle, and “Verandacoots” enjoyed our visit to their verandah.


Our playing in the cafe inspired this stilt-walker to dance as never before.

Some of our 2010 gigs

Cygnet Folk Festival, weekend 9-10 January;
Bothwell Australia Day celebrations, Tuesday 26 January;
Wesley Hall, Melville St, Hobart, dance, 7:30pm Friday 19 February;
Bream Creek Show, Saturday 20 March;
National Folk Festival, Canberra, Easter 2-5 April;
Derwent Valley Festival, Sunday 18 April;
Rokeby Community dance, Saturday 15 May;
Brookfield Vineyard Friday 21 May – our New CD Launch.