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Our CD “La Bande du Bayou Noir – Unreal Cajun” released for Taste of Tasmania festival in Hobart 2 January 2012.
Hear us after we morph into the black-clad Band du Bayou Noir – the Mob from Black Swamp, that mythical cajun stronghold north of Hobart.

1. Johnny peut pas danser (Johnny can’t dance)
2. Le Blues de Port ArthurCD3LR
3. Valse du Marais Bulleur (Bulleur Swamp waltz)
4. Vas-y vite (Step It Fast)
5. Parlez-nous a Boire (let’s talk about drinking)
6. L’Affaire Perrodin
7. Sandy Boys/Mardi Gras
8. Bayou Noir Two Step/Acadian Two Step
9. Jambalaya


Our CD “Live at Brookfield” was launched at Brookfield Vineyard, Margate, Tas on 21 May 2010. It has a collection of great, toe-tapping CDcover-2LRtraditional tunes and hillbilly songs.

1. Sandy Boys/Devil on a Stump
2. Cluck Old Hen
3. Ebenezer
4. Emilys Waltz
5. Elzics Farewell
6. When a Feller is out of a Job
7. Les Flammes d’Enfer
8. Uncle Henry
9. Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss
10. Log Drivers Waltz/Midnight on the Water
11. Stones Rag
12. Chicken Reel
13. See Here
14. Old Mother Flanagan/Taters
15. (When You see) Those Flying Saucers
cd1LROur first CD “HOT String Band and Friends” was launched in 2005 and contains 19 tunes and songs. It was a great favourite, however as you would expect from such a classic, it is sold out !!