Cygnet Folk Festival Jan 14 2023

The Cygnet Folk Festival was back on again this year from first stirrings on Thursday Jan 12th to final official notes played and sung on Sunday Jan 15th. It was wonderful for musicians and festival-goers to meet up and enjoy a vast array of music and fun together. The weather was great, although a bit wiltingly hot on Saturday, and the festival was friendly and relaxed.

HOT String Band at The Port Cygnet Cannery

We began with a performance at The Port Cygnet Cannery early on Saturday afternoon, enjoying the spacious, cool atmosphere inside. It’s a lovely venue to play in.

A very hot string (and accordionist) band

Later on in the afternoon we played tunes for bush dances being taught by Fiona for anybody who wished to join in. It was sweltering and we were in awe of the dancers who skipped about regardless!

We love dancers!

We finished the day with a concert on the stage at Loongana Park where folk could lie back on the grass and enjoy a smorgasbord of entertainment. It was windy and the shelter kept billowing down onto the heads of those of us at the back, but at least it was jamming our hats on!

At Loongana Park

What a great day! Thank you Cygnet Folk Festival Organisers.

All Saints Christmas Market Dec 10 2022

On Saturday Dec 10 2022 we had a wonderful time playing at the annual All Saints Christmas Market in Hobart. The weather was kind and we even had a portrait done by a young artist!

Under cover in case of rain but luckily for the stallholders and visitors it was fine if a bit chilly at times, then hot at others! Normal Tassie day.

What a great portrait!!! Thanks Eadie!

Visit by Smith Allen Peterson Nov 10 2022

We were fortunate to be visited on 10th November 2022 by Smith Allen Peterson i.e. Beverly, Kellie and Pete, touring Australia from U.S.A, at our practice session. They play fiddle guitar and banjo and demonstrated their old-timey style to us. This was really good to reinforce the roots of our band with the emphasis on ‘keep it simple’ and rhythmic unison. 

Buttongrass Ball Sat April 30 2022

Oh my goodness, Saint James Hall at New Town in Hobart was absolutely brimming with energy on Saturday evening April 30 2022. The band had a ball (so to speak) playing for everybody as David Wanless and Sarah Lewis ushered them through a series of slow and fast and simple and more intricate dances. There was a lot of rollicking noise and bounce and we hoped we could still be heard, but if not, it obviously didn’t matter! The Broom dance was pretty gripping (no pun intended) for us to watch from our spot on the stage, and it was delightful when people had the steps down pat then started adding their own flavour. Words about the reason for the Ball, fundraising for the protection of our beautiful south coast wilderness, were heartfelt and illuminating. What a night!

Dance callers David Wanless and Sarah Lewis with the HOT String Band

The Broom Dance

The Broom Dance

Bream Creek Show Saturday March 19th 2022

We had a wonderful day playing at the Bream Creek Show in southern Tasmania on Saturday March 19th 2022.

There were some VERY VERY BIG Pumpkins, a race between a human, a horse and a motorbike (after some very entertaining heats), some foot-powered lathe furniture-making, sheep dog demonstrations, woodchopping, gumboot tossing, potato throwing, vintage cars, crafts, arts, machinery, grand parade, kids on bikes, alpacas, the completely fabulous Southside Steppers band, friendly commentary, food, sun, happy crowds, and that’s just the slice we could see from where we were standing!

Sun protected as we were, we all came home with tanned chins (and occasional knees).

Sunday March 6th 2022 Music and Dance in Hobart

Far more strings than you could count, and as many tunes as we could get through! The Hobart Old Time String Band joined a group of Folk Federation dancers, doing folk dances from various traditions – North American contra, Australian, Swedish, Irish and English.

The concert was mostly for a group of visiting music lovers exploring Tasmania by bus, but they welcomed others to join in a night of fun music, singing, dancing and a light supper at New Town, Tasmania.

Wellington Court Hobart 23rd December 2021

Hobart City Council asked the masked band to unmask a bit of festive musical flavour as background for masked folk passing through Wellington Court in Hobart while on the hunt for just the right Christmas gifts. Including, undoubtedly, a bit of masking tape.

There were lots of people about, and we loved it when the odd shopper danced past while we played.

11th December 2021 All Saints Church Fair, South Hobart

We were invited to play tunes at the All Saints Church Fair in South Hobart, Tasmania, in early December 2021 (before our borders opened and masks became a good idea). There were LOTS of stalls and it was a fun day. Their Op shop was also open and it is something to behold! There was the possibility of rain so we snuggled in under a marquee (those of us who are short enough), stowing our cases under the Church hall, in bushes, wherever we could find.