HOT String Band in full flight …





And here are some we prepared earlier …

bill sprattlings banjo mandolin

In the streets of Deloraine at the Stringfest 2014 we are doing our darndest with –
bill sprattlings banjo mandolin; devil on a stump;
mark walters set tune; alabama jubilee;
flames of hell; and uncle affies tap;

Here we are wowing the folks at the National Folk Festival performances at Canberra in 2010 –
Fly around my pretty little Miss (3min57sec);
Cluck old Hen (one verse) (44sec);
Midnight on the Water (3min12sec); and Sandy Boys/Devil on a Stump (1min32sec)

Here are some clips from Bream Creek Show 2011 –
Parlez Nous A Boire ; Alabama Jubilee ; Bill Sprattling’s Banjo Mandolin ; Angeline The Baker; and
Soldiers Joy

We’ve put excerpts from our New CD on You-Tube –
Here is that beautiful old cowboy waltz, Midnight on the Water , and an informal outdoor performance
of the ever-popular Cluck Old Hen.

This is Us making Music at the Chalet, high on the foggy slopes of Mount Wellington in winter 2006, and
playing for some enthusiastic dancers at the Koonya festival in winter 2008. We went a bit crazy in 2010
with Attack of the Ole’ Joe Clarks, but sanity is restored with Flop-eared Mule.