It may be surprising for a bunch of hillbillies, but the Hobart Old Time String Band is an incorporated association.  This makes it easier for most members of the band to get on with appreciating the music at the same time as providing some basic structure and supporting the election of a Committee to manage the affairs of the band.

Feel free to come along to a Thursday practice to join in and see what we are about. Casual attendance is $5 per night towards hall hire.

If you wish to become a member, you can fill in the membership form and submit it to the Committee for consideration. Annual membership costs $50, plus $40 towards hall hire. (click here for membership form).

If you really want to know the details of how we manage ourselves, here’s our constitution.

If you have any questions about this boring, oops … essential stuff, please contact the Public Officer by phone 0437 285 278.