Hooray for 50th birthdays …

Held in the Cambridge hall, we were invited to play at young Marni’s 50th birthday bush dance that was called by our band member David W (who just happens to love singing Battle of New Orleans and playing his uke as well).


Bream Creek Show

For the umpteenth year we were invited back to pleasure the cows with our music … and the crowd loved us too! We got down and dusty outside the animal nursery and later performed on the stage. It was a lovely warm day and a great time was had. We even captured a passerby providing an unsolicited rave review … “aren’t they great, I’ve got to find out who they are” … on video (watch this space) and she did not belong to one of us either 🙂

Bream CreekDSCN1124

Gianna’s 60th birthday party …

Whew, what a weekend! After the fundraiser at SANDFLY, we went to SANDFORD the next day! And well, our new found Italian fans sure know how to party! A cold call from the birthday girl resulted in us being welcomed as though we were Gianna’s guests for a fun filled afternoon of music, dance … and refreshments! She made sure that family and friends did not sit around for too long, or else they were seconded onto the dance floor.