Cygnet Folk Festival Jan 14 2023

The Cygnet Folk Festival was back on again this year from first stirrings on Thursday Jan 12th to final official notes played and sung on Sunday Jan 15th. It was wonderful for musicians and festival-goers to meet up and enjoy a vast array of music and fun together. The weather was great, although a bit wiltingly hot on Saturday, and the festival was friendly and relaxed.

HOT String Band at The Port Cygnet Cannery

We began with a performance at The Port Cygnet Cannery early on Saturday afternoon, enjoying the spacious, cool atmosphere inside. It’s a lovely venue to play in.

A very hot string (and accordionist) band

Later on in the afternoon we played tunes for bush dances being taught by Fiona for anybody who wished to join in. It was sweltering and we were in awe of the dancers who skipped about regardless!

We love dancers!

We finished the day with a concert on the stage at Loongana Park where folk could lie back on the grass and enjoy a smorgasbord of entertainment. It was windy and the shelter kept billowing down onto the heads of those of us at the back, but at least it was jamming our hats on!

At Loongana Park

What a great day! Thank you Cygnet Folk Festival Organisers.